Welcome to the doctor's office of the future: It's a kiosk

Nobody likes hanging out in the waiting room of a doctor's office with germy magazines and, you know, other sick people. Here to transform the experience is the HealthSpot Station, a telehealth system that patients can use for quick medical diagnosis using video conferencing and diagnostic technology.

The company's vision is to place these kiosks, which serve as virtual doctor's offices, both inside medical facilities and everyday locations such as pharmacies and grocery stores.

With widespread implementation, the idea is that a sick person can check a smartphone app to find a nearby HealthSpot Station. Once there, they check into the kiosk, select their symptoms and get their vitals taken with a number of tools located within the station. These range from a scale to measure weight to a dermascope so a doctor can get a magnified view of rashes, skin conditions, the eyes and throat. The doctor on the other side of a screen reviews the medical information collected and discuss symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. After all is said and done, the HealthSpot station is sanitized for the next patient.

HealthSpot has run a trial program for about six months in Columbus, Ohio, where the company is based. Working with Central Ohio Primary Care, a station placed in urgent care has helped optimize resources and time. "We've seen patients up to 93 years old," said CEO and Founder Steve Cashman. "Over 95 percent said they would prefer a HealthSpot experience to urgent care or ED [emergency department]."

Next, HealthSpot will roll out at the Miami Children's Hospital, and a partnership with Teladoc, a doctor network, will extend its reach across retail clinics.

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. All images courtesy HealthSpot.

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