HAPIfork: quite possibly the smartest fork ever

This, right here, is what a big chunk of CES is all about: taking something that's totally ordinary (and should perhaps remain so) and imbuing it with some sort of crazy electronic intelligence that will transform your life. Or so they say. "They," in this case, is HAPILABS, which has a smart fork (a smart fork) that will help you lose weight.

The thing that makes this fork smarter than every other fork is that it can tell how fast you're eating and then yell at you. The HAPIfork has sensors that can detect the speed and frequency at which you shovel food into your mouth, and if the fork thinks you're being a greedy little piggy, it'll vibrate to get you to slow down. According to HAPILABS, you feel full after about 20 minutes of continuous eating, more or less independently of how much you eat, so eating slower means eating less without feeling any hungrier. And hopefully, that means weight loss, if you're in to that.

The HAPIfork communicates your eating habits to your smartphone or computer or a little stand-alone peripheral (which doubles as a fitness monitor), keeping track of whether you're improving or just continuing to approach eating like it's a contest. It'll helpfully suggest plans to reduce your rampant gluttony, and as added incentive, you can have it post your progress to whatever social media network would be most embarrassing. Oh, and the electronics bit detaches from the fork bit for easy cleaning.

HAPILABS is planning to put the HAPIfork up on Kickstarter in March. $99 will get you a USB version (in one of five colors), while the wireless one won't drop until 2014. If you're in desperate need of this thing, sign up for updates here.

Via HAPIfork

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