Forget the screen, Samsung's new smart fridge features fridge-to-freezer conversion

Wait, are you saying you never wanted a screen on your fridge? Because Samsung's vision for a connected kitchen includes just that, among other upgrades.

For many tech companies, having a connected home means slapping a tablet on appliances. We're not sure how many consumers asked for Evernote on their fridges, but judging by the snarkiness of reporters' tweets during Samsung's press conference announcing the T9000, it seems they were less than awed after waiting in line for hours.

What's actually interesting about the T9000 is not the screen so much as the technologies inside the fridge. The 32-cubic-feet, four-door (French doors no less) refrigerator features a triple-cooling system that keeps the individual compartments operating at optimal temperature and humidity, helping reduce waste by keeping food fresher for longer.

The most compelling reason for an upgrade though is the ability to designate each of the four compartments for different purposes, helpful when Thanksgiving rolls around. Adjusting for different occasions, the fridge's bottom right chamber even has the ability to convert fridge space to freezer space, and vice versa.

The least compelling reason for an upgrade is its $3,999 price tag. The Samsung T9000 Four-Door Refrigerator will begin shipping internationally late spring, though the company said it's unsure if this particular model will sell in the U.S.

Posted on location at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

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