Crayon Creatures transforms kids' doodles into 3D sculptures

Armed with your child's masterwork and a 3D printer borrowed from Shapeways, Crayon Creatures will model and color a hunk of sandstone into a real-life sculpture. One that will, as the company's website puts it, "maintain the energy and attitude of children's expressive drawings."

Wow. From the way the doodles are talked about, kids are serious artists. And, you know, maybe they'd better be: at the cost of $130 per 4-inch lump of sandstone, these recreations are not cheap.

Then again — look how cute they are! And hey, this method is saving you a lot of effort. If you wanted to do this yourself, you'd need to invest some serious time into rigging a print-ready 3D model unless you had a 3D scanner or something similar. Maybe someday soon this whole process will be an afternoon activity you can do at home, but for now Crayon Creatures really does have something here. Maybe for that alone, these cool little sculptures are worth considering.

You can see the before and after in the gallery below.

The Verge via Crayon Creatures

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