Concept: Tiny podcar swaps bodies to perform different tasks

Designer Vincent Chan's Citi.Transmitter concept takes a queue both from tiny smart cars and big trucks. The cockpit is a docking cab just like on an 18-wheeler, and a variety of trailers allows the Transmitter to act like a passenger van, a cargo vehicle and more.

The idea here has several appealing components to it. If you owned a Citi.Transmitter, you would have in your possession a modular vehicle that would be able to adapt to what you need — no more calling for a van or renting a U-Haul for cityfolk. You would also have, in theory, a personal vehicle you can cart yourself around in that is both compact and eco-friendly.

You can see more of Chan's Citi.Transmitter concept in the gallery below.

Vincent Chan on Coroflot, via Yanko Design and Inhabitat

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