Must watch: Astronauts describe awe of seeing Earth from space

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Space travel was once so rarified that only the truly exceptional had even the faintest hope of ever becoming an astronaut. But new commercial ventures will allow many of us to eventually rocket into the great void and discover its magic for ourselves. In the meantime, a group of astronauts have been assembled to discuss exactly what it's like when you first see the Earth from space for the first time.

Directed by Guy Reid, the short 18-minute documentary is a called Overview. The name is a reference to the term known as the "overview effect," coined by author Frank White in 1987 to describe the transformative effect of seeing the Earth from space has on astronauts. Featuring astronauts from Apollo 14, various Shuttle missions, and the International Space Station, as well as space theorists and philosophers, the film offers deep insight into the true meaning of mankind's ascent into space.

In addition to the interviews, the film also offers a fantastic montage of overview scenes and space walks that help to bring home the points made by the astronauts. If you have any interest in the future of space travel at all, this is a must watch. You can check out the entire thought-provoking documentary in the video below.

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