Old TV panel transforms kid's bed into awesome spaceship

What could be more fun for a little kid than getting to drift off to sleep in your own amazing spaceship? That's the feeling five year old Finn must get each night, ever since his dad used some old discarded TV broadcast gear to create this fantastic spaceship bed.

The panel is a Grass Valley video switcher, which a friend of Finn's dad had fished out of a dumpster behind a local TV station. It probably cost the TV station more than the price of a house when it was new, but today it's apparently worth nothing. Don't tell that to Jeremiah Gorman, who used the switcher to make the spaceship control panel.

While the existing rows of buttons and faders looked perfect by themselves, Gorman added a few gauges to fill in some blank areas, then put in some dramatic lighting under the loft bed to complete the effect. All the buttons and levers still move, so for my money that makes it infinitely more cool than some store bought attempt at a spaceship bed.

Check out the gallery to see dad putting Finn's spaceship together, along with some pictures of the happy new owner.

Imgur Album, via Make

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