Zelda's Link swaps genders for one special player

I grew up playing Zelda. A Link to the Past doubled as my favorite storybook, and I spent my time away from the game dreaming about what it'd be like to adventure like Link — or "Kevin," as the game lets you pick your own name. The character was mine, and now a father is going to great lengths to ensure his daughter can have that same experience.

Geek dad of the year Mike Hoye is playing through The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker with his daughter, Maya, who is currently a mighty three and a half years of age. She can't read just yet, so Hoye does it for her, but with a twist: he changes the pronouns referring to Link as he goes, and transforms the story so that Link is female, instead.

Why? "She's the hero of the story, of course," Hoye writes on his blog.

Still, reading "she" instead of "he" every time is pretty arduous, and while Hoye would no doubt make the effort, he found a better way: he used an emulator to modify the game's code so that Link is referred to as a young woman throughout the game. If you're curious, he details the effort here. According to Ars Technica's Casey Johnston, Hoye said it took "two to three solid days of work" spread out over a few weeks to make the changes.

My guess for how Maya find his effort: totally worth it.

Mike Hoye, via Ars Technica

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