Yummy! World's oldest Twinkie still looks fresh after 36 years

With all of the panicked hoarding by Twinkie fans since Hostess announced the end of the line for the sugary snack, you may be wondering just how long that stash will last after the Twinkipocalypse.

According to Hostess, the shelf life of a Twinkie is a mere 25 days, but many have claimed that Twinkies are so packed with preservatives that they will be the last thing left to eat after the apocalypse.

To test this theory, back in 1976 a science teacher from Maine named Roger Bennatti took a student's leftover Twinkie from lunch and set it on top of the intercom box in his classroom. It sat there undisturbed for the next 28 years, until Bennatti finally retired from teaching in 2004. Rather than tossing it out, Bennatti put the middle-aged Twinkie in a fancy glass case and passed it along to another younger teacher at the school, Libby Rosemeier. Luckily Rosemeier knows all about the history of the famous Twinkie, because she just happens to have been one of Bennatti's students in that 1976 science class.

Now the Twinkie is 36 years old, and still looks pretty much the same as on the day it was unwrapped. Still, I think it will take an awfully desperate Twinkiehead to bite into this one. After all, the ingredients list does include eggs, milk and butter along with all of those preservatives.

New York Times, via Treehugger

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