Yahoo Japan rolls out genetic testing kits for the mainstream

Japan is often recognized for the longevity of its citizens, but rather than a purely natural phenomenon, part of the secret of their success is a near-obsession with medical testing for even the tiniest of ailments. That laser focus on medical analysis is set to get another level of detail thanks to a new genetic testing kit being offered by Yahoo Japan.

The GeneLife2012 kit is designed to allow anyone to test themselves for a genetic predisposition to various diseases. A user simply swabs the inside of their mouth for saliva, lets the sample sit for about 10 minutes, and then packages and sends the sample to the Genesis Healthcare lab for analysis. The company claims the kit can test a user for up to 68 genes indicating proclivities toward conditions including allergies, gout, diabetes, obesity, and a number of other possible future medical conditions.

Selling for $371, the company says Yahoo Japan will not have access to the genetic testing results data and will only handle sales of the kit. Welcome to Gattaca, folks.

GeneLife2012, via JapanTimes

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