New article details next-gen Xbox with a quad-core processor

Xbox World magazine has broken details on the next Xbox, which is presumably set to debut at next year's E3. The print outfit's cover story (their last) has unsurprisingly been scalped by the Internet, and there are specs, details, and mockups for the next Xbox, codenamed: Durango.

Xbox World says that the next Xbox, which is likely to be dubbed only "Xbox," has a quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM. RAM-wise, the next Xbox could then be on par with or half of what the PlayStation 4 offers.

Beyond specs, the device will ship with Kinect 2.0 and augmented reality capability that will supposedly be driven by a pair of glasses — think Google Glass. Blu-ray support is supposedly a lock as well. With capabilities like those, it appears that Nintendo has arrived to the HD party just in time to be leap-frogged in power by its rivals.

The headline photo is a mockup made by Xbox World based on what their sources have been saying. The mockup very carefully cribs details from Microsoft's Surface and few of their accessories.

You can pick up a copy of Xbox World on iTunes here.

CVG, via TechSpot

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