Woman writes entire novel on her Blackberry

41-year-old Georgina Campbell and her daughter Lorra were watching the movie Attack the Block when Georgina bet Lorra that she could write something better. Four months later and Campbell had written a gritty novel called The Kickdown Girls about a group of adolescents living in south London.

While reviewers haven't exactly given Campbell's book high praise, she wrote the entire thing — all 55,600 words — on her Blackberry.

In her words:

I started typing on my BlackBerry because it was something I had with me all the time and could easily just take out and start typing anywhere. I was writing on the train, on breaks at work, waiting for a bus, having a bath, when I was walking around - anywhere. It took over my life - all I thought about morning to night was writing the book. It was almost like a holiday. I'd just sit down and start typing the book on my BlackBerry using my two thumbs. It was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done - and to have it published is just amazing.

The Kickdown Girls is available on Amazon for purchase. C'mon, aren't you just a little curious?

Via Herald Sun

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