Wii U consoles bricked by problematic day one patch

Nintendo's first HD console, the Wii U, launched yesterday and is hitting its first big snag: an issue with power loss during the necessary day one patch is leaving bricked — read: unusable — Wii U consoles in its wake.

The word right now is that if the system is turned off, or if the power is otherwise cut off during the installation of the update, the Wii U could become a very expensive paperweight. Other reports indicated that the same issue occurs if the power is cut while the update is being downloaded, as well. Nintendo has yet to comment.

The size of the update is causing trouble all its own. There are conflicting reports that the update is either 5GB in size, or under 1GB. We've reached out to Nintendo for clarification, but if the former is true, that is an especially sizable update that can only be interrupted with awful consequences — that's a problem.

As far as avoiding potential problems by completely or temporarily skipping the update, the Wii U wouldn't be good for a whole lot outside of gaming. The update enables the Miiverse and eShop. It also brings Wii game compatibility into the fold. For most folks, consistent power supply isn't an issue, so they probably won't have this problem. At a time when New England is still repairing infrastructure from the effects of Sandy, this could put a damper on Nintendo's holiday efforts.

Via Ars Technica

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