Texturted cutlery is designed to affect the way you taste

Synesthesia is a condition some people have where their senses tend to influence each other. For example: the way food feels or looks can have an affect on the way it tastes. Designer Jinhyun Jeon wanted to see if there was a way to stimulate that process, so she developed this exploratory set of bizarre-looking cutlery.

Jeon's cutlery is designed to tickle the five senses using color, tactility, temperature, volume and weight, and form. Jeon says that warm colors like red and orange can increase the eater's appetite, but she didn't give any indication of what other variables like weight or temperature might do.

Jeon is a graduate student at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Holland, which I guess makes sense seeing as some of these utensils would look right at home in one of Holland's legendary adult novelty stores.

Check out the gallery to see more of Jeon's odd looking cutlery.

Dezeen, via Gizmodo

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