Stunning cantilevered museum to grace Swiss mountainside

Mauro Turin's architecture studio has designed a museum to celebrate the Swiss wine region of Lavaux — it's cantilevered on the side of a mountain.

Turin originally came up with the idea as a single-page concept for Swiss design magazine Hochparterre. Here's Turin's colleague Martine Laprise in Hochparterre: "The space is given to architects for a dream of something that could be interesting, or could reveal some parts of an area or idea."

So it's pretty exciting that discussions have begun to make Turin's museum a reality. His goal was to design something that would pay tribute to the World Heritage Site and create a tourist attraction to encourage people to visit the historic region. The mountainside museum "offers a walk in the air, allowing an unforgettable experience of Lavaux, Lake Geneva and the Alps…"

We're all for it — it's a bit like the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Via Dezeen

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