View's auto-tinting windows are smart, connected and cheap-ish

View, a Silicon Valley-based startup had, its coming out party today with Dynamic Glass, an auto-tinting window that promises to save money on cooling bills, as well as reduce glare and make for more natural lighting in their given setting.

Auto-tinting windows have come a long way. View has pioneered the technique, one it poached from the solar industry, that makes the technology cheap and effective enough. The two primary concerns with auto-tinting windows were cost and durability. The electrochromatic material, a metal oxide, that View is using, is thin and strong enough to alleviate those concerns.

Designed in California and built in Mississippi, Dynamic Glass has a made in America appeal to it. Their first customer, the W Hotel in San Francisco cites Dynamic Glass's ability to save them money over the long term and the more comfortable experience it provides their customers. Dynamic Glass connects to a Wi-Fi network to allow manual control over the tinting levels, allowing users fine grain control of the indoor environment. The cost of Dynamic Glass is about 50% higher than that of normal window glass.

View, via MIT Technology Review and VentureBeat

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