Video: Self-taught teen builds battery to power family home

15-year-old Kelvin Doe lives in Sierra Leone. Electricity in his area is erratic, only turning on a handful of times each month. What can you do? Well, this very clever teen went about finding a solution and he ended up building a battery to power his family home.

Fellow Sierra Leone native and MIT doctoral student, David Senegh, saw Kelvin's incredible self-taught engineering skills and advocated for him to visit the prestigious campus. Senegh runs Innovate Salone, a non-profit that supports high school students who are finding ways to improve their home country. Through his non-profit, Senegh raised enough funds for Kelvin to visit the MIT campus as a guest resident for three weeks.

In the video, Kelvin talks about his inventions and you can see him working alongside Senegh with "total creative freedom." You can donate to Innovate Salone and Kelvin on Crowdrise.

Via Mashable

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