Verizon Wireless waives billing for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Although the dramatic scenes of super storm destruction in New York and New Jersey have largely disappeared from television screens, the recovery from Hurricane Sandy continues. Now, in a move to help the victims of the disaster, Verizon is planning to waive billing for affected customers.

From a distance, the storm may have appeared to some as merely a rough weather event, impacting a metropolitan area unaccustomed to preparing for natural disasters. But Hurricane Sandy knocked out power in huge swathes of New York and New Jersey (with thousands still waiting for power to return), caused miles long gas lines throughout the area, severely crippled New York City's extensive transit system, and resulted in a triple-digit death toll.

In the aftermath of the storm, Verizon deployed mobile charging stations (pictured above) that allowed anyone to power up their devices, regardless of whether that person was a Verizon Wireless customer or not, essentially providing a vital line of communication for victims of the storm and disaster recovery workers.

The Verizon Wireless deal will cover voice and text charges for the time period from October 29 to November 16. Impacted Verizon Wireless customers can find out more at the Verizon website.

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