Touch-enabled business card lights up when you pass it out

When you have a job you love and that you're proud of, passing out your business card (yes, those still exist) can be a very big moment. But what if you don't have a job? Well, that's when coming up with something special that shows off your ingenuity is most important, like handing out a card that is touch-enabled.

Created by former Navy technician Jay Kickliter as a calling card for a job fair, the device is a capacitive touch printed circuit board (PCB) that acts as a business card. When a person touches the card, the card's LEDs blink in a circular pattern. Sure, a capacitive touch-enabled card isn't necessarily going to prove that you can create the next iPhone, but in terms of showing off your expertise in making real world electronics that work seamlessly with human interaction, this is a pretty nice introduction.

Kickliter offers details on how to make your own touch-enabled business card on his site, and you can see it in operation in the video below.

Via Ubergizmo

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