Tiny slide projector takes your Instagrams to the next retro level

Instagram is a hit for folks who want to give their pictures a funky retro look, but you're still stuck with looking at them on the digital screen of your computer or tablet. This tiny projector moves the viewing end of the experience back into the 1970s by turning your pictures into tiny little slides that you project on a wall.

Projecteo is designed to look like those old slide projectors that AV geeks used to roll into classrooms, just shrunk down to miniature size. It takes wheels of specially customized 35mm film with nine pictures printed on each one. In a dark room, the LED-powered Projecteo can display your pictures up to a couple of feet across on any lightly colored blank wall.

Once you have your digital pictures tweaked with your favorite Instagram filters, you simply upload them to Mint Digital's website, and they send you the completed slide wheels by mail. That's just like in the old days when we all sent our film out for processing.

Projecteo is a Kickstarter-funded project, with deliveries expected to start early next year. Price depends somewhat on how early you pledge, but is currently running around $25-$40 for pledges that include a Projecteo and a one-picture wheel. Of course, as with film developing back in the old days, the company expects to make most of their money on the processing, rather than the hardware.

Because you're not using it online, the only way to share your Projecteo experience is in person at home. Maybe it's time to get the old AV club gang back together for a reunion and do a little reminiscing?

Projecteo on Kickstarter, via Slashgear

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