Throwable camera sensor acts as a smartphone-controlled scout

Whatever you think of the Alien prequel Prometheus, it's hard to deny that one of the coolest parts is when the mohawked geologist throws his robotic sensor drones to map the alien ship. Now a company has taken us a step closer to such a reality with a throwable sensor and camera device.

Created by Bounce Imaging, the tennis ball-sized device is equipped with six cameras that allow it to send back a 360-degree view of its environment. Those cameras can take up to 2 photos per second, after which the images are sent back to the user's smartphone. The device is also fitted with sensors that give it the ability to send back environmental data such as temperature and the presence of dangerous gases. According to the company's founder, Francisco Aguilar, future versions of the device will also feature a Geiger counter, offering data on radioactivity levels in environments such as damaged nuclear plants.

Although the device is still in prototype mode, the company is promoting it as a tool for first responders like firefighters and military tactical units. You can see a brief illustration of how the device is designed to work in the video below.


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