This Obama picture shattered Twitter and Facebook records

Tuesday's Presidential election broke all sorts of records for social media traffic, but it is one picture of President Obama embracing the First Lady that pushed both Facebook and Twitter over the top.

@BarackObama tweeted the picture at 8:16 in the evening along with the words "Four More Years," and within 18 hours it had been retweeted over 750,000 times. That makes the prior record holder, Justin Bieber's "RIP Avalanna" with 223,000 retweets, look like small potatoes.

Over on Facebook, the official Barack Obama page posted the picture at around the same time, and as I write this it has received 3,762,000 likes, and 526,000 shares, also a record.

Looking at the lists of the most shared pictures and stories, it becomes clear that simplicity is key in getting likes and reposts. In addition to a compelling picture that tells a story, the simple "Four More Years" tag gets the message across instantly.

Twitter, via SlashGear

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