Creepiest app ever? Pay a dollar to have a cute girl watch you

Stalking is pretty high on the creepy scale, but what if you're paying for someone very attractive to stare at you? Icky or not, now you can!

Yes, there's an iTunes app out now called Watching Cute Girl. It's $0.99 and it's exactly what it sounds like — an attractive girl will stare at you and even make occasional comments like: "Just watching you makes me happy" and "Good evening. Have you already eaten?" There are 180 pre-recorded clips and it's synced to time so it's like she's right there with you. Eek!

We're pretty sure this was made as a joke by comedian Kendo Kobayashi and Nigen Inc., but hey, it could be entertaining on a lazy night. Check out the video below. It's in Japanese, but you'll definitely get the gist.

Watching Cute Girl, via Kotaku

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