Oculus Rift makes lemonade, turns delay into hardware upgrades

The Oculus Rift, the 3D virtual reality headset we saw at Quakecon last summer, has seen its developer kit release date pushed back to March. It's not all bad news for the Rift team, however, as the device has seen significant upgrades to the screen and motion sensor since we've last toyed with it.

The display that was part of the original prototype has actually since been discontinued. This development sent the team back to the drawing board in terms of sourcing a screen. Their new solution exceeds the 720p resolution of the original by just a hair, and clocks in at 1280x800. The size of the screen has also expanded to seven inches — a 1.4-inch improvement over the original.

Weight is always concern, though the larger screen packs only an additional ounce onto the device. It doesn't sound like much, but keep in mind that the Rift will be hanging off of your face.

The Oculus team also went back to the drawing board for its motion-sensing tech. Rather than use an off-the-shelf sensor, the team is crafting an original solution that refreshes at 1,000 Hz and is made to cater to the special demands of VR.

There are photos of the new prototypes below. They still look a bit rough, but are certainly a few steps above the hot glued, duct-taped together prototype we saw in August.

Via Oculus Rift

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