The Art of Video Games Exhibit heads to Seattle

The Art of Video Games, the Smithsonian's partially crowd-sourced exhibit on the visual history of video games is going across the country. The EMP Museum in Seattle will play host to the exhibit from February 15 to May 12 in 2013.

The Art of Video Games explores the full range of the medium, from its humble roots on the Atari, to the current generation of consoles. The exhibit features eighty games and shares them with museum goers through screen shots, video footage of the games, video interviews with key creators like Jenova Chen, Warren Spector and Tim Schafer. The exhibit itself is a chronological experience that takes genres like "Action," "Tactics" and "Adventure" and shows their evolution over time. For example, "Action" goes from Pac-Man to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Reviews for the exhibit are largely positive. There was a bit of damning with faint praise from the New York Times as their review described the exhibit as "safe" and "sanitized" while providing a welcome entrance for the industry to a new height in cultural recognition.

The EMP Museum that is playing host to the exhibit bills itself as focused on popular culture, sci-fi and music. So, they're folks after our own hearts, and a natural fit for the Art of Video Games. You can see a complete list of the games exhibited here.

Via Polygon

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