14 of the geekiest bars in the world

Back in August, a bar opened in Paris called "Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde," which roughly translates to "The Last Bar Before the End of the World." Okay, so it's some kind of doomsday bar, right? Actually, it's a geek-centric bar that caters to fans of all sorts of awesome stuff. From tabletop games to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, many a geeky interest is represented.

Once the interwebs got wind of Dernier Bar, people started getting fired up about it. Some who had been there (and others who hadn't) started dubbing it "The Geekiest Bar in the World". Now, I'm not saying that Dernier Bar isn't awesome. Far from it. But in the world? I think that claim is due a bit of scrutiny.

That said, scrutiny best left to the experts. So, rather than pass my own judgement, I'm handing the reins over to you: the people. Here's a list of 14 geeky bars, Dernier Bar included. Which do you think is the geekiest? Is there a bar not on the list that's geekier than anything I've mentioned? You decide.

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