TabletMan brings an interactive Tron-style character to life

The tablet market has become crowded with dozens of devices looking to knock the iPad off its perch. So it's only natural that crazy promotions start appearing to promote some of these products, but every once in a while crazy equals awesome, as is the case with the Toshiba TabletMan.

The TabletMan, who we're pretty sure has no relation to this guy, made his debut last week at the SITEX tech conference in Singapore. Designed to help Toshiba promote its line of tablets, the character is swathed in black rubber, electro-luminescent lights, and 11 Toshiba tablets, all which give TabletMan the look of a Tron character layered in interactive screens. As TabletMan toured the city, random people on the street were invited to record their wishes for the future onto the various tablets, which instantly distributed the recorded video messages to Toshiba's YouTube and Facebook accounts.

Although the promotion wins in terms of design aesthetics, some of the impact is lost when you realize that no specific brand or model of Toshiba tablet appears to be mentioned on any of the TabletMan sites. Nevertheless, the TabletMan, scheduled to tour the rest of Asia in coming weeks, just might be entertaining and cool enough to convince some to give Toshiba tablets a try. You can see the TabletMan in action in the videos below.

Via DesignBoom

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