Canada to get $99 Wii Mini, sans Wi-Fi

Here's a decent idea: Nintendo is rolling out a barebones, $99.99 Wii Mini to pick up any stragglers who didn't buy one of the 97 million Wiis sold to date. Here's a bad idea: Nintendo may only release the Wii Mini in Canada in time for the holidays.

To be fair, this is perhaps not how Nintendo wanted to unveil its new hardware — the existence of the Wii Mini was revealed by a blog article posted by Best Buy. The post spills the beans: the Wii Mini will enjoy an "introductory price" of $99.99 that includes a sensor bar, red MotionPlus controller and Nunchuk, though it lacks an Internet connection or the ability to play Gamecube games, and lands on December 7 in Canada.

Just Canada, so far — you'd figure Nintendo would strike while the iron's hot during the holidays, but instead the company appears to be testing the waters before fully committing.

What do you think? As someone who never picked up the Wii (plenty of people in my life have one, so I never felt the need), I'd be tempted to check out the Wii Mini at $99. Not a dollar above $99, mind you, if that introductory price ever lifts. To my mind, as it's lacking any kind of Internet connectivity — something that the Wii handled poorly to begin with, but which also cuts you off from a lot of features — Nintendo would be really pushing it to try for more than $99.

Then again, as Techland's Matt Peckham points out, a full-bodied Wii bundled with Wii Sports and Sports Resort costs only $30 more at $130. Perhaps Nintendo will soon transition from a Wi-Fi-enabled model of the Wii to one without, but right now, the Mini doesn't make a lot of sense.

Best Buy, via Forbes and Time

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