Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play starting today

EA and BioWare have announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic is moving to a free-to-play model. The struggling MMO launched in December of last year with 1.7 million subscribers. That number fell below the seven figure mark in August, prompting a re-think of the subscription model.

The Old Republic is now playable from start to finish, with all eight classes available. Subscribers ($14.99/month) retain features mostly of convenience, like unlimited access to communication and storage features. Paying customers also receive experience points while resting and gain experience points at a faster rate. Take a look at the full comparison list, here.

The Old Republic has not quite met expectations, but has done well enough to be a contributing factor to EA's digital revenue growth. However, its moderate success has not been enough to save the game's developer, BioWare Austin, from layoffs. Unfortunately, this isn't the only less than spectacular recent Star Wars game. The future, however, looks bright.

BioWare via The Verge

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