Spice impregnated paper keeps fruits and veggies fresh for longer

If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, chances are you have a bunch of leftover food. Most of us expect to be eating turkey sandwiches for the next week, but what aboutall those fresh fruits and veggies that have a really short shelf life? This special impregnated paper could provide a solution.

FreshPaper was developed by Kavita Shukla, following a generations old Indian formula she got from her Grandmother. The sheets are infused with a proprietary blend of Indian spices and herbs including fenugreek, which led to her naming the company Fenugreen.

A sheet of FreshPaper is simply placed under the fruit or veggies in a bowl or in the refrigerator, and Fenugreen claims the food will last two to four times as long a snormal before spoilage sets in. The sheets themselves emit a maple-like odor for two to three weeks, after which they lose their effectiveness.

This sounds like it could all be an old (Indian) wives' tale, but the sheets are cheap enough at $5 for a box of eight to give it a try. Who knows, maybe we could save some of the 25% of fresh food that ends up getting tossed.

FreshPaper, via Gizmag

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