Smart Apron wirelessly alerts your guests when their food is ready

In recent years, users been buffeted by a range of gadgets that are innovative, but not always practical. That's why a new creation that takes something as simple as automatically alerting your guests that dinner is ready could be a welcome addition to anyone's tech arsenal.

The Smart Apron was developed by Smart Design's Interaction Lab and uses wireless XBee radios affixed to Lilypad Arduinos to create an apron that automatically notifies your diners when you've started cooking and when you've finished. The apron's magnetic clasp initializes the signal that is sent to a server program that then relays that signal to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers following the cook wearing the apron. The entire set-up is lightweight, with the components discreetly stitched into the interior of the apron, and operates using a single AAA battery for power.

There are no announced plans to take the product commercial, but as an experiment it's an effective illustration of how device makers should be thinking in terms of embedding technology in the home to increase efficiency in the future. You can see the Smart Apron in action in the video below.

Via FashioningTech

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