Sleeping pod makes it okay to take naps at work

Office furniture is pretty standard: you've got a desk, a chair — what's missing? A place to sleep, obviously! That's right, some scientists say that taking naps throughout the work day increases productivity. Should bosses really get so upset when they catch us nodding off in meetings, then? Heck, no. We've got science on our side, people.

Fortunately, there's an office furniture company that not only agrees, they've also designed a quiet, cozy place to catch some zzz's while you're on the job. It's called CalmSpace and it's a "sleeping capsule" designed for the office. This snug little booth even comes with some mood lighting and music to help optimize your snoozing sessions. Each nap is programmed for 10 or 20 minutes — any longer and you might fall into a deeper sleep and wake up cranky when you remember that you're still at work. Not good.

It probably wouldn't even break office rules to step away for 10 minutes. That's it, I want one of these pronto. Does your office have something like this? If not, would you ever use it?

Via Dezeen

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