Rumor: Microsoft building 7-inch Xbox Surface gaming tablet

Rumors have swirled before, but The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is building a 7-inch gaming tablet. The Xbox Surface launch will supposedly come before that of the next Xbox console. There's no word, thankfully, of a touch-friendly Halo 4 port yet.

Tom Warren, The Verge's well-connected Microsoft reporter, claims that the Xbox Surface is in development in the company's Silicon Valley offices. The process that the tablet takes to market will be similar to the Surface, going through a specialized Microsoft-owned manufacturing chain.

The Xbox Surface is being built on a special Windows kernel on ARM architecture. It is surmised, that, like the original Surface, the Xbox Surface will be compatible with Intel hardware as well. High throughput RAM will help device manage demanding gaming tasks.

There's no word on what flavor of Windows the tablet will run, but don't be surprised to see more (don't-call-it) Metro. There are also no rumored gaming titles for the slate either. It is odd to hear of a Microsoft skunkworks project that rings so similarly to Courier, another tablet project that was canceled because of its deviance from the main Windows kernel. It's unclear whether The Verge has gotten a whiff of a product destined for market, or a toy from deep within the labs.

Via The Verge

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