Robot assistant could be the perfect bedside nurse for the elderly

The story of an aging Japan concocting new robots to entertain and assist its elderly populace is familiar by now, but mostly we get cute robo-pets and fragile humanoid robots. Finally, a company has come up with a robot that might actually become a staple in the homes of Japanese senior citizens.

Created by Toyota as a "partner robot," the HSR (human support robot) was recently unveiled at Japan's Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition. The robot is specifically designed to help those with limited mobility with simple tasks around the home, such as picking up items from the floor, opening curtains, retrieving items from high shelves, and serving as a bedside assistant. In addition to acting as a home care assistant, the HSR is also seen as a possible nurse's aid in hospital environments.

And, in keeping with current trends, users have the option of operating the robot from a tablet device. You can check out the HSR in action in the video below.

Via ImpressWatch

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