Luxury personal sub is like a stretch limo that goes underwater

A personal sub is one of the coolest toys you can get if you're super rich, but most aren't exactly luxurious. So the C-Explorer 5 (geddit?) aims to give its wealthy owners the kind of luxury pampering they've come to expect, with five cushy seats, air conditioning and even an optional iPad controlled audio system.

Designed and built in The Netherlands by U-Boat Worx, the C-Explorer 5 is the largest and most comfy sub they make, although at $2.4 million a pop I don't expect to see sub traffic jams in the Hudson River any time soon.

With a depth rating of over 325 yards, the C-Explorer goes plenty deep for exploring local wrecks and reefs, while its powerful LED lighting system will keep you out of the dark. The electric propulsion system only keeps the sub moving at a leisurely 3 knots, but who's in a hurry when you're exploring the sea depths?

The battery system should provide plenty of juice for an all day outing, but if you do get stranded the C-Explorer comes with a life support system that can provide air, food and water for up to 96 hours. Plenty of time to summon help on the single sideband underwater communications radio system.

U-Boat Worx, via CNET Crave

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