Point-and-click rifle barely needs you, aims and shoots by itself

Shooting a gun is easy. Shooting a gun and reliably hitting what you're aiming at is far harder. Humans are notoriously bad at tasks that require us to compensate for things like quivering limbs and thumping hearts, but computers are about to take all that out of the equation with a scoped rifle that's far better at it than we are.

TrackingPoint's Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope and Precision Guided Firearm is a combination of a fancy rifle and even fancier scope that looks like this:


The scope allows a user to designate a target inside the scope itself, and when the rifle detects that it's perfectly aimed at that target, it'll fire, without you needing to pull the trigger. Or rather, you pull the trigger, but the rifle won't actually go off until it's sure that you'll hit the target you've designated. Watch:

We don't yet know whether the rifle is smart enough to compensate for its own movement or things like wind, but we'll have more details for you in January, where we're scheduled to check in with TrackingPoint in person. And in related news, we'll probably invest in some body armor for CES this year.

TrackingPoint, via BBG

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