New TI-84 allows you to play all your favorite games in color

Everyone remembers playing Snake while pretending to learn about mode, median and mean on a device which was the total opposite of this. That little black snake on the beige-grey screen of our TI-84s chasing small black boxes. Ahh. Well, this is all about to change. The TI-84 will soon come in color.

In a move as big as the first Technicolor film ever to be released, the TI-84 line will be shifting to color next spring. The amount of new games this could introduce is simply mind-boggling, and I sort of wish I were back in high school, playing my calculator RPGs.

The calculator will come out next spring but a few dozen have been sent out for early testing.

Surely there are some bonuses, math-wise, with all of this. But really, I can't help speculating on the games. Snake could now easily introduce some sort of poisonous block, highlighted in red, while the healthy ones are green. Or something.

Put your ideas in the comments below. We need to get to work programming these for a new generation of bored adolescents.

Via The Verve

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