Nebula 12 chandelier turns into a cloud to let you know it's cloudy

A Wi-Fi connection is the least of the Nebula 12 lamp's tricks. The lamp tracks weather data sent from your Nokia Lumia 920 and responds accordingly. Mood lighting to match sunrise and sunset is one thing, but if the forecast includes rain, the Nebula 12 will spawn an indoor cloud as a warning.

Swiss design firm Micasa LAB developed the Nebula. The lamp's marquee trick is generated with a combination of hot water and liquid nitrogen. A vacuum keeps the cloud hovering near the lamp, preventing your mornings from becoming any foggier. The light itself shines yellow in the morning, and softens to an orange throughout the day. The lamp's activity is set by a 48-hour forecast is receives from the phone.

While cool, we're not sure how practical the Nebula would be. One would imagine that both the liquid nitrogen and the water would need fairly frequent refilling. For an ambient lamp, constant maintenance drains the ambience right out of it. There's no denying that the intended effect is awesome, though.

Via Dezeen

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