Nasal spray might raise women's libidos

Sex might be a problem for folks hanging out in outer space, but it can also be difficult for women with female orgasmic disorder i.e. the female equivalent of erectile dysfunction. There hasn't been much in the way of a female Viagra, but tests on a possible sex-drive drug for women have begun in Australia and Canada.

The drug's called Tefina, and it's in as romantic a form as you can imagine: a nasal spray. An hour before doing the deed, ladies are supposed to spray a bit of this testosterone gel up their noses. What could be more tantalizing?

Once hanging out in the nasal passages of these women, the drug will allegedly boost sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Critics have already come out against the drug, claiming female sexuality is far more complex than male sexuality, and a drug like this will leave the actual reasons for some women's low sex drives ignored.

Regardless, the drug is in the testing phase. Wonder what those tests are like ...

Via io9

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