Motorola headset computer turns you into a real life Borg

No, that photo above isn't a behind-the-scenes image from Star Trek's next Borg installment. It's a real, working headset from Motorola Solutions that is designed to offer the next phase in hands-free computing.

The HC1 Headset Computer can be operated via voice control and head movement, and can display the screen of a remote 15-inch laptop on its micro-display. Equipped with a camera and microphone that allow for streaming video and communication with remote team members, the ruggedized device runs Windows CE Professional, has 512 megabytes of RAM, a TI 3730 dual-core processor, a 3D accelerator, and packs a micro SD card slot that can be expanded up to 32 gigabytes.

It's worth mentioning that Google now owns Motorola Mobility, a separate company from Motorola Solutions. And while the understanding between the two companies is that Motorola Solutions will avoid competing with Google products, the similarities between the HC1 and Google Glass are fairly obvious. However, neither Google nor Motorola have made any public statements regarding any crossover competition between the devices—yet. You can see the HC1 in action in the video below.

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