Microsoft DirectX 11.1 moves on to Windows 8, 7 gets left behind

A brouhaha on the Microsoft forums has revealed that the next update (11.1) to DirectX, the company's graphics software, will be exclusive to Windows 8. This cuts against Microsoft's usual trend of supporting older operating systems for quite a while after they are no longer the prize pony.

DirectX affects PC video game development more than anything, and there was widespread concern in the gaming industry prior to the new OS's launch. That concern is now more than valid as Daniel Moth, a Microsoft developer has confirmed that DirectX 11.1, "which in theory could be shipped on other platforms. However, at this point there is no plan for that to happen." He goes on, eerily echoing the siloed nature of Microsoft's development teams to say "This is a decision owned by the Windows team and it is out of our hands."

Needless to say, millions of Windows 7 gamers that may be resisting the shift to Windows 8 just got a hard shove from Redmond. Is this the end of Microsoft's long-standing laissez-faire approach to consumer upgrades? It certainly is looking that way.

Microsoft Forums via The Verge

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