Lightweight hybrid supercar goes zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds

Kepler Motors, founded by world speed record holder Russ Wicks, unveiled its MOTION supercar at the Dubai International Motor Show three years ago. Back then, we weren't sure if this car would ever make it beyond the concept stage. Now, only 50 of these lightweight hybrids will be made and each one is being assembled by hand.

After glancing at the Kepler website, the specs appear to be unchanged from when the concept was introduced in 2009. That means that this car is fast. The rear powertrain has a 550 hp Ford EcoBoost twin-turbo 3.5L V6 and the front has 250 hp dual electric motors. That's a whopping 800 horsepower combined, but I guess we shouldn't expect any less from Russ Wicks.

The best thing about the MOTION, though, is probably the sound it makes cutting around corners of winding California roads. Listen for yourself in the videos below.

YouTube, via Green Car Reports

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