LED parkour team lights up the streets of Bangkok

In recent years, parkour, also known as freerunning, has emerged as a kind of artistic response to the rapid growth of our modern, tightly-packed cities of glass and concrete. But what happens when you combine the organic expression of freerunning with a little bit of modern LED tech? One filmmaker decided to find out.

The Light Emitting Dudes is a short video project created by director Frank Sauer that took three freerunners, wrapped them in LED suits, and unleashed them on the chaotic streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Fueled by a techno soundtrack, the three runners from Germany, Australia, and Thailand were filmed over the course of two weeks traversing the ins and outs of the city in choreographed fashion, offering a visual spectacle that looks something like a real-life video game.

The freerunners even managed to toss in a bit of breakdancing, giving us a peek at what that gymnastic exercise looks like when enhanced by LEDs. You can check out the full LED freerunning demonstration in the video below.

Via Vimeo

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