Korea opens world's first toilet theme park full of crappy art

Most Americans find toilet talk to be kind of embarrassing, but in South Korea they take their toilets very seriously. To celebrate this national fascination, the Korean city of Suwon has just opened the Restroom Cultural Park, which they claim to be the world's first toilet-based theme park.

Suwon's former mayor was known affectionately as "Mr. Toilet," and he promoted a national campaign to upgrade public facilities to their current high standards. He even went so far as to build his own home in the shape of a giant porcelain toilet, and it now acts as the main building of the Restroom Cultural Park.

Inside you can find exhibits on the history of toilets through the ages, different types of modern toilet equipment, and a guide to the most beautiful public conveniences in the Suwon area. There's even a gallery of toilet related fine art with it's own sculpture garden, where they hold the annual Golden Poop Art Festival.

This all sounds like it would all be fascinating to the average three year old, but let's just hope that they're not simply taking the piss. Below is a BBC report covering the curious exhibit; travel there and you'll find fine murals such as this little gem:


Image Credit: Chris Backe/Travel Wire Asia


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