Kim Dotcom's crazy plot for free broadband across New Zealand

Kim Dotcom is an attention-grabbing machine. His new ploy is to fund free broadband Internet access for his native New Zealand. He aims to win the money in a suit against the U.S. government for the takedown of his site, Megaupload, and then use it for the common good like a digital-age Robin Hood.

When Dotcom sues the U.S. government, he will also level the suit at Hollywood studios for the "unlawful and political destruction" of Megaupload. The proceeds of the lawsuit would then be invested in a trans-Pacific fiber optic cable that would double New Zealand's bandwidth. Beyond that, he wants his broadband to be free to all residents, charging only enterprise and government customers. Dotcom is aggressively promoting the plan, saying that New Zealand's cheap and clean energy could be compounded with more bandwidth to attract technology companies to the country.

Kim Dotcom's quest for buzz has real consequences. The US government would like New Zealand to extradite Dotcom to the states to face criminal copyright infringement charges related to Megaupload. In an interesting turn, New Zealand's high court ruled the sting operation on Dotcom's mansion illegal. Courting public opinion in New Zealand could affect whether or not the government extradites him to face trial in the US. The Dotcom case has already put fire to the feet of a few of New Zealand's top politicians, expect Dotcom--and the U.S. government--to keep up the pressure.

Boing Boing via The Guardian

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