Kickstart LA Game Space and get 30 games for $15

A Kickstarter that offers 30 games from noted indie creators for $15 is nothing to sneeze at, but that's not even the product that's being promoted. There's actually no product at all: this Kickstarter is pushing for the creation of a dedicated game space in Los Angeles. That begs the question, what is a game space?

The pitch describes a "nonprofit center for video game art, design and research." The space will be defined by its four functions. For starters, LA Game Space will hold exhibitions that reveal the work that goes on there, as well as host retrospectives for the industry. Also, workshops and guest speakers will be featured to extend the reach of the medium to folks who are interested enough to drop by.

The other two functions are the more productive. Game Space residencies will allow makers to come together and work on experimental games. The whole idea is to free the creative industry from the hands of publishers. In another vein, a research lab will support academic study of gaming. The lab promises to be able to track the biometric data like pulse rate, eye movement and the button presses of players as they game. LA Game Space promises to stream and archive their events for researchers, creators and gamers all over the world to learn from.

This is a Kickstarter after all, so what are the rewards? The perks for a $15 pledge are, as mentioned, games — lots of games; 30 of them, in fact. Each will be available on Windows and OS X, and most will see release on Linux as well. Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy) leads the list of standout developers. He is joined by folks who have worked on Adventure Time, Hotline Miami, QWOP, The Unfinished Swan, the Bit.Trip series and more.

The LA Game Space Kickstarter ends on Pearl Harbor Day — that's December 7. They have yet to meet their funding goal of $250,000. We've linked out below if 30 games for 50 cents a pop struck your fancy.

Via Kickstarter

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