Japanese clinic offers a 3D printout of your unborn baby

Proud parents never tire of showing friends and coworkers photos of their newborn babies, a practice that has only gained steam with the likes of Instagram and Facebook. But a new development will allow these people to take their baby-making pride to an even more obsessive new level: pre-birth 3D models of their babies.

Developed by Japan's Fasotec and offered by the Hiroo Ladies clinic in Tokyo, the process takes ultrasound scans of a pregnant woman's abdomen and prints them into a 3D model that parents can keep as a souvenir. The company calls the process Bio-Texture Modeling, and also offers a service that uses CT and MRI scans to give customers 3D printouts of their internal organs and skeletons.

And while the 3D printout of the fetus (which comes in an attractive gift box) is certainly a unique keepsake for any new parent, the memory doesn't come cheap — the service costs roughly $1,250.

You can take a closer look at the Bio-Texture Modeling process and its results in the video below.

Via Diginfo

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