Gelatin made with human DNA changes snack foods forever

You can find gelatin in common snack foods, such as marshmallows and gummy bears. It's traditionally made from animal byproducts, which is why vegans and people with certain allergies stay away. But now, a group of scientists have created gelatin with human DNA. Don't start crying "It's made out of people!" yet, though.

So there are no real dietary limitations now, unless you're flat out disgusted out by, you know, eating human DNA. At first that seems like a legitimate complaint — what are we, cannibals? But, no human tissues are used to make this human DNA gelatin. And since it's incredibly challenging to manufacture gelatin consistently using animal products, consumer products can be made more efficiently this way.

Also, it's not just manufacturers and consumers of s'mores and candies that can benefit from this change. Gelatin derived from human DNA is also used to make vaccines and drug capsules — and has been for a while now. Yes, those gel caps in your cabinet probably have gelatin from human DNA.

Will this change your snacking habits in any way?

Via io9

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