Interactive map tracks racist reactions to Obama re-election

After the re-election of President Obama, the media reported on a few racially charged incidents involving those opposed to his presidency. Those feelings spilled out online in the form of racist tweets, and a group devoted to data visualization aggregated those tweets and managed map their locations.

Floating Sheep,which maps and analyzes user-generated geo-coded data, collected the geographically identified racist tweets and distributed that data across a map of the United States. A quick look at the map indicates that the epicenter of racist Twitter venom lies in the southeast, with the highest number of racist tweets originating from Mississippi and Alabama.

However, in terms of national sentiments, the mapping data may be deceptive, as it shows Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota as completely grayed out, indicating no racist tweets. As we now know from previously constructed maps detailing Twitter usage, that region of the country is typified by markedly low Twitter activity, so there's really no telling where the region stands in the hate-tweet hierarchy. Another way to read the map is that big cities have the most Twitter users, and therefore, the most tweets of "any" type, with rural, less densely populated areas representing proportionately lower tweets, positive or negative.

Nevertheless, there is cause for hope, given the fact that Obama's victory tweet, accompanied by a photo of him hugging the first lady, Michelle Obama, was logged as the most retweeted message ever. You can access an interactive version of the map here.

Via Floating Sheep

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