Innocent looking box promises to cut Web ads off at the knees

Most of the Internet's smorgasbord of free content remains so because of ads, and many us of are happy to experience a few ads in exchange for our free fix of information. But some sites go into ad overdrive, which has led to the rise of ad blockers. Now that dynamic has been squeezed into a tiny, convenient box.

The AdTrap is a box that works between your router and your modem to block out Internet ads, regardless of your browser type, and it needs no configuration. In theory, this is an interesting idea for those looking for a stripped down Internet experience, but the reality is that, much like print media in the past, on well produced sites advertising is often an integral and sometimes engaging part of the site's very design and structure.

Furthermore, anyone who has used ad blocking software on browsers knows that they can render many mainstream sites simply unreadable. However, for hardcore anti-advertising Web users, this could be a useful solution.

AdTrap is a Kickstarter project hoping to raise $150,000 in the next few weeks (currently, they're about a third of the way there) and will sell for $99 if the goal is reached. In the meantime, you can check out a demonstration of the AdTrap in the video below.

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